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I was born in Romania and lived in Sweden where I acquired an Aerospace degree, then also lived in Australia, where I studied Industrial Design at UTS in Sydney.


I now live in the South of France and I am running a small Industrial Design studio.


Industrial Design is by definition the design of industrially produced products. The series can be large or small, and our work combines a sense of aesthetics with practicality, an understanding of the means of production, and the harmony between form and function.

We are seeking simplicity - but even so, the products on this site have all gone through a design process until ready for production. You will only find these items for sale on this site. Below there are some examples of products designed for sale by ourselves, or designed for other clients.

Everything starts with research, and you really need to do this unless you want to design something that has already been done before. Then little by little the product takes shape and we can start seeing interesting features that become the actual product.


The creative stages start almost always with hand drawn sketches, it is so much easier to explore different shapes and forms by hand rather than drawing them on a computer. Never mind the sketches not being perfect, they will help you to find a direction. Inevitably as we approach the actual manufacturing phase, you will use CAD, but by this stage you know what you want to do.

To speed things up, we have acquired some machinery that can help us touch and feel the end product before production - we have a mix of 3D printers, CNC's laser cutters and other tools that enable us to actually "make" the product. Nothing actually comes out like it looks on the computer screens - most products can go through 10 revisions and prototyping cycles before they can be released to a manufacturer.

We use a range of European and Asian based manufacturers, and depending on the product, we can make smaller or larger series, for ourselves or for outside clients. The projects can range from a simple 3D printed lamp to a hydrodynamic study for a speed boat design - below some examples, but there are many more.



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